What is an Impact Leverage Session ?

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What is an Impact Leverage Session ?

Well it is an one to one Coaching Session containing at least 50% of pure coaching interaction.

But, as experience taught me coaching is often not enough, I decided to add mentoring and even contact facilitation in order to increase value for my coachees.

The weight of each technique depends on coachee’s seniority and needs. The average rapport that I have as benchmark is 50% coaching, 30% mentoring and 20% contact facilitation .

Coaching is the main instrument I am using because your responsibility is needed in the process. You must take your own decisions and create your own future because there is no such thing as a given recipe to success.

What my clients tell me:

  • “Only talking out loud in a trusted environment makes a huge difference for me”
  • “Hearing my thoughts as I speak, gives me clarity and focus”
  • “When you mirror my thinking patterns, I can gain perspective and detach”
  • “When you ask those power questions and remain in silence the fog disappears”
  • “Only by reserving a time slot with you helps me strategize”
  • “The strengths approach has helped me gain more self-confidence”
  • “I needed someone to keep me accountable on my objectives”
  • “It feels like I a have a partner who gives me another pair of glasses and I see my problems differently”

All performers have a coach. I I believe in the value it brings. At times, it may be about motivation, about support, about authenticity, about a partner to call bullshit …


Mentoring can be a valuable resource and inspiration when stuck in the process …
Let’s say you have a CV that needs to be upgraded to show your true expertise and expectations from a future job. Wouldn’t you have done it already ? The internet is full of resources to help you with that. A guided process with questions but also international expertise, trends and examples may be what you need instead. Finding out how recruiters think, how they judge a certain approach, what part of the process they control, the best channels to reach a certain position in mainly in the realm of mentoring and not purely coaching.

On the other hand, let’s say you need to have an additional opinion on your business model and the go-to-market strategy.

I had this study case with a client (a fresh start-up):
“They are building complex IT products. Their main interlocutors and buying decision makers are CTOs, IT Managers and Technical Managers in large companies. They were thinking about placing their budgets in marketing. After some revealing the sales cycle ( more than 1 year) we have reached the conclusion that B2B direct sales may be a better solution at this stage of the business. This would bring them healthy feedback, the needed use-cases and the testimonials to scale-up later on”


Having the right interlocutor can land you the desire job, get you the next important deal or wildly accelerate your business growth. I deeply believe in human connection and that people are good at core. But, more importantly, the opportunity cost you would have with a different world view is huge.

I genuinely match people based on common interests and a win-win mindset. So, I would also love to do it for you. It is a process which brings value to both parties ( 1+1 >2 ).

I am also motivated to teach you how to reach people. Me reaching the mayor of New York, can be a great use-case on how to use both strong ties but also the weak ones…

Mihai ZANT

Mihai ZANT

Mihai ZANT is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Managing Partner at CoachingAfterSchool.com, Humanistic.ro and CareerShift.ro. Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities he concentrated his work in building Learning Organisations.

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