50% Coaching,
30% Mentoring,
20% Contact Facilitation.


Executive Career Progression

Executive Coaching

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Why Impact Leverage Sessions

“Because the road to the top is a lonely one and the right blend of coaching, mentoring and contact facilitation is what experience taught me is needed  to succeed“

I Coach.

Coaching is the main instrument I am using because your responsibility is needed in the process. You must take your own decisions and create your own future because there is no such thing as a given recipe to success. Based on your level of seniority its overall weight in the process can be more than 50%

I Mentor.

Mentoring can be a valuable resource and inspiration when stuck in the process. It can be made of stories from world class executives, EMBA established know-how, my own experience or even reverse mentoring ( young generation’s take on similar problems). You are still taking your own decisions but you get guidance in terms of executive stakeholders’ perception and HR or headhunters’ expectations. If you are an entrepreneur we will review your business model and find innovative ideas

I Facilitate Contacts.

One of my biggest differentiators is that I know a lot of people or I can easily reach out to new ones. I deeply believe contact facilitation can bring huge value. During my coaching sessions, I am willing to put you in contact with relevant stakeholders and teach you how reach out by yourself. Having the right interlocutor can land you the desire job or promotion, get you the next important deal or wildly accelerate your business growth

Lets change perspectives through coaching

Impact Leverage Sessions - Program

Be creative and begin a customised 6 months program. You will have my dedicated time as Intellectual Partner and you can choose your fees based on income and results.

My Open Trainings

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About Mihai ZANT

Mihai ZANT is an entrepreneur catalyst, trainer, coach and education contributor. Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities he concentrated his work in building learning organisations. He is now building custom corporate learning journeys using experiences and practice systems. He is also mentoring several entrepreneurial projects being concentrated on sustainable and systemic impact. He believes in stakeholder value, long life learning, return on character, social impact entrepreneurship and gender equality.

“My mission is to assist professionals in creating Stakeholder Value at personal, team and organisational levels.”

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