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Mihai ZANT is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Managing Partner in HUMANISTIC (www.humanistic.ro). Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities he concentrated his work in building Learning Organisations. Now, he is designing Learning Journeys for corporate clients with a focus on #Self Leadership and #Future Skills. he is also coaching and mentoring established entrepreneurs or in their transition or incubation phase. 

He believes in creating sustainable value, long life learning, return on character, social impact entrepreneurship and in respecting all Stakeholders around a business.

“My mission is to assist professionals in creating Stakeholder Value at personal, team and organisational levels.”

By Added Stakeholder Value I understand a sustainable growth mindset in which one person or entity is adding value in a balanced manner for all its stakeholders ( clients, employees, management, suppliers, shareholders, public services, environment and society at large).

As there is a growing need for meaning amongst employees and a growing demand for responsible companies amongst clients, added stakeholder value is key . In addition to that, more and more powerful investors’ are addressing the same issues.Now, he is designing Learning Journeys for corporate clients using integrated practice systems with a focus on #Self Leadership and #Future Skills


At a personal level:

If you are a professional searching for the next mission, trying to solve a complex challenge or just need to bring clarity and focus to yourself and your team, book an Impact Leverage Session.

As an employee, at the end of such a process you can land a more meaningful position which, oftentimes, means better pays, better professional interactions and aligned mission. As a Start-up founder you can have an Intellectual Partner to navigate the incertitude and challenges of your business. Together, we can take distance from the subject, gain new perspective and find innovative solutions.

At a team level:

Team Climate and Dynamics are crucial for productivity but also for personal achievement and health. I strongly believe in a strengths based approach and complementarity within team. My interventions are a lot about adult to adult facilitation, placing participants in a non-judgmental setting, where autonomy, trust and responsibility are the keys for success and innovation.

I use instruments such as EmergeneticsⓇ, Game Changer IndexⓇ and Learning Organisations’ Practice System to promote self-awareness and conscious transformation. Then, with designed out-of-the-box follow-up sessions, I can reach out to a large professional community to help the team stay engaged and achieve its objectives. Usually, we bring in coaches, business executives, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, actors, therapists using both online interventions as well as the most unusual and creative locations.

At a organisational level:

Working together with a curated professional network, I am committed to select the best resources in out-of-the-box settings to address your brief (Send Your brief here).

Given my focus on bringing value and connecting people, I have spent a large amount of time assessing what’s in the market as far a Organisational Behaviour is concerned. Therefore, I do my best to keep an authentic recommendation practice if a certain product or solution fits your problem better than we have at hand. Let’s talk freely about that.


Can you relate to any of the testimonials that my clients have written below?

Why me?

I Coach.

“Coaching is the main instrument I am using because your responsibility is needed in the process. You must take your own decisions and create your own future because there is no such thing as a given recipe to success. Based on your level of seniority its overall weight in the process can be more than 50%”

I Metor.

“Mentoring can be a valuable resource and inspiration when stuck in the process. It can be made of stories from world class executives, EMBA established know-how, my own experience or even reverse mentoring ( young generation’s take on similar problems). You are still taking your own decisions but you get guidance in terms of executive stakeholders’ perception and HR or headhunters’ expectations. If you are an entrepreneur we will review your business model and find innovative ideas.”

I Facilitate Contacts.

“One of my biggest differentiators is that I know a lot of people or I can easily reach out to new ones. I deeply believe contact facilitation can bring huge value. During my coaching sessions, I am willing to put you in contact with relevant stakeholders and teach you how reach out by yourself. Having the right interlocutor can land you the desire job or promotion, get you the next important deal or wildly accelerate your business growth.”

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