Mihai ZANT

The pandemics of mind wandering and multitasking

We had all spent half of our time mind wandering. Think about that time when we were in a meeting room and a colleague had an important but boring presentation. We were automatically thinking about the next vacation, lunch or whatever was unforcingly winning your cognitive focus competition. Or, in my line of duty during a less entertaining training session.

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A different perspective on burnout - Mihai ZANT

A different perspective on Burnout

Most burnouts are internally generated and not externally, as most people believe.

I know this may be a harsh statement. But, if when you read it you feel in the gut it’s true, just read forward. The better path is kindness and forgiveness while observing the patterns that led you there. Not denial. If this doesn’t apply to you, it’s fine.

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Stress & Toxic Workplaces

Toxic Workplaces – Part 2 – Toxic is anything that is not right for you!

I will go outright to and make this point: “toxic is anything that is not right for you”

As you may know by now, I am a #self #leadership geek concentrating on taking the helms of your professional career in your hands. What is more important is that this applies even more to entrepreneurs or employees that are shifting towards entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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Toxic Careers Mihai ZANT

A different angle of Toxic Workplaces

I look over social media and I see a lot of hate, rage and blaming related to workplaces. And, in addition to that … a lot of use of big words: #toxic #work #environments, #bad #leadership and much more that I’d rather not reproduce.

There is one simple truth to that – The game looks easier from the stands! 🙂
It is simple to shout, point fingers and say how it should be done when you are not doing it yourself.

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A debate about habits and Sadguru’s misleading advice

I have seen the other day a video by Sadhguru saying something like this ”There is no such thing as good habits or bad habits… habit means you are functioning unconsciously. If you are functioning unconsciously that is a bad thing.” and then he goes on saying that automatizing your life is the realm of machines and that everything we can do we can do consciously, as humans.

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Mihai ZANT Coaching

Being a coach is (not) more meaningful

Well, the longer version of the title is “Being a coach or a therapist is not necessarily more meaningful than any other career” but my imaginary projection of my future publicist would disagree with such a long title. Bare with me for the whole argumentation.

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