Life purpose and it’s career implications

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I meet more and more people putting a lot of pressure on themselves over finding the big PURPOSE of their life. Often enough, it should be the right one. And it also comes with a sense of urgency.

And then I ask them… What if there is no purpose ?

And this question has some kind of a shocking effect. But it has a purpose! It is meant to make you question this very belief at its core. To free you for some moments of its burden.

And then to explore:

Who said you should have a purpose? What would happen if you don’t have one? How would you decide if it is the one? How meaningful should it be? What is meaningful enough? How do you expect to find it? Is it a reverie,a dream, a feeling, a process … ? What if it changes ?

There is a pressure in social media, internet and personal development books for you to find meaning and your role in the world. It starts with the fact that you are special and you have a special journey to follow. It is highly motivational too. And it might be true !

But, there is a dark path to that also ..

First, things are presented in an idealistic manner and you often get a fear of missing out. Regarded superficially, on social media, all other people are happy, successful and following their dreams. There is also a huge sense of urgency added to that. And this choice appears to be bigger than life ( and certainly bigger than the next professional move, who to marry, to have kids, etc ) so you shouldn’t be wrong about it.

What if I told you that you are in a roundabout ? And that this roundabout is in a grid of roundabouts.

And whatever road you choose it will get you there.

But the most important thing for now, is to choose one.

Balance comes from moving. As you cannot keep balance on a bicycle that is not moving, you have to get moving. Instead of concentrating on what is wrong now, concentrate on what you want to achieve, to get the balance you need to build upon it.

And whatever road you will take, you can adjust your course at your next roundabout. Most of the times, you will find purpose in experimentation ( while building something, failing in something or learning a new skill ). And meaning can reside just around the corner in the smallest gestures ( like smiling to your next client, having an authentic discussion with your supplier and building trust bridges, greet the grumpy cashier, smile to a waiter, spend the time to cook with the family, etc ).

Mihai ZANT

Mihai ZANT

Mihai ZANT is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Managing Partner at, and Having over 10 years of experience in leading teams and communities he concentrated his work in building Learning Organisations.

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